5 Easy Ideas to Share Nowruz in Your Child's Classroom

Have you ever considered sharing about Nowruz at your child's school? Many schools and classrooms encourage sharing about special holidays and traditions that families celebrate.

If you don't feel comfortable making an appearance yourself you could offer these ideas and resources to your child's teacher, who will likely be happy to have an opportunity to share a lesson about cultural diversity. Send a quick email and then offer to send the items in ahead of time so your child's teacher has time to review the materials and prepare.

Here you'll find five easy ways to excite and engage kids as they learn about the ancient celebration of Nowruz.


 Hooray Nowruz

1. Read a book about Nowruz

A simple picture book about Nowruz is a great introduction to Nowruz and why it is celebrated. Hooray! Hooray! Nowruz is Here! explains about Nowruz and includes Persian script which will be fun for classmates to see.


Hands-On Haft-Sin

2. Share a Hands-On Haft-Sin

A Hands-On Haft-Sin allows children an opportunity to touch and feel the items on a haft-sin. Kids will relate to and remember the "seven S" much more when they are able to handle the objects themselves. The Hands-On Haft-Sin includes digital resources to share with your child's classmates including coloring pages and a take-home letter for families.


3. Provide a Nowruz craft

Provide an idea, materials and a sample of a Nowruz craft. If you will be presenting to very young children, consider doing some prep work to make the process go more smoothly such as cutting out pieces ahead of time. Find inspiration on Pinterest such as tissue paper hyacinths or goldfish.


4. Give a coloring page + Nowruz themed snack

After a presentation, it's nice to give children time to process the information and converse with one another about what they have learned. A haft-sin coloring page is a great conversation starter and provides closure for the lesson. Get yours in this FREE Nowruz Classroom Kit.

While children color, they can munch on a Nowruz themed snack. Tut or Nokhodchi are gluten-free options you can bake yourself or purchase from a Persian grocer or online retailer. Goldfish crackers are nut-free and can be used to remind children of the symbolism goldfish represent on a haft-sin.


5. Send a take-home letter to families

Send in a short letter that children can take home to their families explaining what was presented about Nowruz. This is a wonderful way to clue parents in to what their child learned and to allow them to ask questions and build conversation at home. A take-home letter is included in this FREE Nowruz Classroom Kit.


Hopefully these ideas have empowered you to share about Nowruz with your child's classmates. Don't be shy, your child's teacher will likely be grateful to understand more about Persian culture and have something new to share in class. Planning a presentation? Tag @littlepersianlearning on social media. We'd love to share your photos!


Looking for more? Check out the Little Persian Nowruz Activities Digital Download features 15 pages of Nowruz themed printable fun including coloring pages, a mini-book, haft-sin matching page and a haft-sin game. Get yours today for hours of Nowruz!

 Nowruz Activities Digital Download


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