10 Fun Games to Learn Persian with Flashcards

What's that? You think flashcards are boring? It's likely your teacher wasn't using any of these activities. Grab your Little Persian Learning Set, pull out the flashcards (included in each set) and try out some of these clever ideas that are bound to bring some FUN to your learning.

Many of these require adult participation but don't worry, Little Persian flashcards provide pronunciations using English letters on each card as well as Persian script. You'll be all set as the teacher!


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1. Quiet Loud

Hold a flashcard image toward you child while squatting down low. Have your child mimic your position while you WHISPER the word. Rise a little into a slouch and have your child join you saying the word QUIETLY. Stand up straight and say the word together in a LOUD voice. Feeling wild? Hold the card over your head and shout the word! 

Tip: This is such a perfect way to introduce new vocabulary because it provides built-in repetition allowing your child to LISTEN and get plenty of auditory input before they begin to practice recalling on their own. 


flashcard games

2. Smack 

Lay a small set of 3-5 flashcards on a flat surface with the images facing up. Say a vocabulary word and have your child smack the card that matches. More than one player can compete to see who can smack the correct card first.

EXTRA FUN: Try using a special mitten, oven gloves or a [clean and unused!] fly swatter to smack cards.

Tip: This is a fantastic game when children are working with new vocabulary because it take off the pressure to recall a word completely from memory and allows them to choose from a small set. 


flashcard games

3. Treasure Hunt

Lay a large set of flashcards on a flat surface and place any small treasure (a jewel, lego, trinket, M&M or Skittles...) atop each card. Have your child pick a card and say the name of the word. If the answer if given correctly, a treasure is collected. Use a small box, container or baggie to collect treasures until the end. 


flashcard games

4. BOOM!

Before beginning this game choose a 2-3 random flashcards and mark the backside with a post-it that says "boom." Place the cards in a stack with the images facing up. Take turns grabbing the top card and naming the word. If the correct answer is given, the player can keep the card. If the correct answer is not given, the player should return it to the bottom of the stack. Alternate taking turns. If a player collects a card labeled "boom" all of that player's cards must be returned to the pile.


flashcard games

5. Jump and Say

Lay the flashcards on the floor with the images facing up in a circle shape. Say "start" or begin playing music and have children hop around the circle. When the leader says "stop" or stops the music, each player should say the name of the closest flashcard.


flashcard games

6. Instant Game Board

Arrange the flashcards in any desired shape on a flat surface indicating a start and finish to the game board. Using a small game piece, button or trinket for each player, take turns rolling a die and moving the corresponding number of places. Say the name of the flashcard the game piece landed on - if the answer is correct, the player stays on this spot. If the answer is incorrect, the player moves back two spots. The first player to reach the end of the game board wins. Change the shape of the game board and play again!


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7. Tic-Tac-Toe

Do you know how to play Tic-Tac-Toe? Then you've got this one down! Lay out nine flashcards and use two different colors of buttons, tokens or game pieces to take turns placing game pieces. The correct answer to the flashcard must be stated before a spot can be claimed. 


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8. Bean Bag Toss

Lay a small set of flashcards on the ground and have players take turns tossing a bean bag onto the cards. Each player should say the name of the word on the flashcard that the beanbag lands upon. 


flashcard games

9. What is Missing?

This is a tricky game that helps build recall and requires a lot of concentration. One player will set out a small set of flashcards (start with only 3) saying the word on each card as they are set down. The same player will then collect the cards and again sets down the cards, this time holding one back that stays hidden. The other player(s) should attempt to guess which card was left out. Add challenge by using a larger set of flashcards. 



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10. Fast, Slow, High, Low

Once vocabulary is mastered, it is important to review to put these words into long-term memory. We all know that review can get boring, so mix it up by asking your child to use a funny voice to recite the flashcards.

Some ideas include a voice that is:

  • fast (really fast!)
  • s-l-o-w (kids get a kick out of going verrrrrry slowly)
  • high 
  • low
  • like a robot
  • like an opera singer


Have you tried any of these ideas? Grab your Little Persian Learning Set and try some out. Have fun!


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