Little Persian has a mission to provide high quality Persian learning materials to English speaking families. 

Little Persian came about organically as our family prioritized learning Persian in order to give our children a strong connection to their rich Persian heritage. Experience as both a mother and a longtime classroom teacher of young children guided the designs to be playful and intuitive so that incorporating them into everyday life with kids is easy. 

No matter how much Persian one knows, Little Persian meets every learner with differentiated materials. Those looking for easy pronunciation guides as well as those learning to read Persian script will find the materials equally useful. In fact, the materials are designed to grow with learners!

We believe that each new Persian word learned opens a world of connection to one's heritage and to one another. Giving children touchstones to their cultural heritage provides not only a sense of self-identify, but also a sense of belonging within a larger community. Family history, food and holidays are common ways to pass on culture, but language is perhaps the key to it all. Even if fluency is not a goal in your household, a little Persian vocabulary goes a long way to enrich cultural experiences.

Over time, Little Persian has grown beyond just learning materials to introduce making Persian a part of everyday life with greeting cards, printable games, Persian holiday activity boxes and the original Hands-On Haft-Sin™️ which has helped to make Nowruz come alive for hundreds of children over the last several years. 

If it feels like a sigh of relief to be in this space, like you've found a gold mine, then I've met my goal. I want parents to find what I was once looking for and sincerely hope that the information and materials gathered here will empower you to carry on or introduce Persian language and traditions to your child. 

Little Persian is more than just learning materials. It is a movement to connect children and their families with Persian heritage and to each other. We are glad you're here and are a part of the Little Persian community. Our children are stronger together!

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