What is your Haft-Sin style?

Nowruz will be here in just a short time and it's time to start thinking about this year's haft-sin. As you prepare for setting your haft-sin, take a look at some inspiration. Do you identify with any of these styles?


You remember just how your mother set up a haft-sin and love recreating the look each year.

traditional haft-sin

photo: turmericsaffron.com


Just the basics!

minimalist haft-sin

photo: alangoo.com




You've got style and you're going to use it to match your haft-sin to your fashionable decor.

light and modern

photo: theurbanmonarch.blogspot.com




You've accepted that it's impossible to keep children away from anything so pretty, so you've gone ahead and set up a Hands-On Haft-Sin for the little ones.

photo: LittlePersian.com



There isn't a single detail missed when you set your haft-sin with color coordinated accessories and attention to make sure everything is glittering and glamorous.

pretty please design

photo: prettypleasedesign.com 




You've taken the liberty to have a little fun with your own interpretation of a haft-sin.

whimsical haft-sin

photo: @M via pinterest.com 



Clean and Simple 

You have a matching set for your haft-sin and it's ever so neat.

sleek haft-sin

photo: yatzer.com




You've got the touch when it comes to floral arrangements and you bring it to your beautiful haft-sin.

floral haft-sin

photo: royaflowers.com




You don't have a lot of space but that won't stop you from making a statement with a haft-sin that is small and stylish.


photo: @farshad via pinterest.com




It's casual but everything is there to make a statement right there on your coffee table.

coffee table casual

photo: @hoora7 via tehrantimes.com

Hopefully you have found some inspiration for your haft-sin this year. For more ideas, check out Little Persian on Pinterest.


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