Picture Books About Nowruz for Kids

A picture book about Nowruz for kids is the perfect way to introduce this ancient holiday and the traditions that accompany it. Read on to find a list of picture books about Nowruz for kids that will delight children of many ages. If the information in the books is too deep for your younger child, you can simply skip over sections until child is ready to comprehend more. Even just looking at the pictures is enough to spark conversation with the youngest children!

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The Meaning of Nowruz

Book Title: The Meaning of Nowruz

Author and Illustrator: Anahita Tamaddon

 Language: English and Persian (bilingual)



Hooray! It's Nowruz

Book Title: Hooray! Hooray! Nowruz is Here!

Author and Illustrator: Mojgan Roohani

 Language: English and Persian (bilingual)



Book Title: Nowruz

Author and Illustrator: Elahe Sadeghi

Language: English and Persian (bilingual)



Seven Special Somethings

Book Title: Seven Special Somethings

Author: Adib Khorram

Illustrator: Zainab Faidhi

Language: English



Nowruz a Celebration of Spring

Book Title: Norooz A Celebration of Spring!

Author: Gail Hejazi

Illustrator: Christina Cavallo

Language: English



Book Title: 10 Reasons Why Nowruz is So Special (coloring book included)

Author and Illustrator: Anna Jafarpour

Language: English



Grace Learns about Nowruz

Book Title: Grace Learns About Nourooz

Author: Ellie Fard

Language: English



Our Haft Sin

Book Title: Our Haft Sin

Author and Illustrator: Anahita Tamaddon

Translator: Soudabeh Ashrafi

 Language: English and Persian (bilingual)



Soraya's Nowruz Dance

Book Title: Soraya's Nowruz Dance

Author and Illustrator: Anahita Tamaddon

Translator: Soudabeh Ashrafi

 Language: English and Persian (bilingual)




Book Title: Nowruz: An ABC Book

Author: Ghazaleh Rabiei

Illustrator: Reza Maktabi

 Language: English and Persian (bilingual)



Niki's Nifty Nowruz

Book Title: Niko's Nifty Nowruz

Author: Sheila Salamat

Illustrator: Kaveh Taherian

Language: English




The New Year's Goldfish

Book Title: The New Year's Goldfish A Nowruz Story

Author: Solmaz Parveen

Illustrator: Tata Bobokhidze

Language: English


Hopefully this list provided you with ideas of some well-loved books about Nowruz for kids. Support these authors by purchasing a book for home or by donating a book to your child's classroom or the local library.

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