Little Persian is more than just learning materials. It is a movement to connect children and their families with Persian heritage. Has your child ever been delighted to find that a friend has an identical book or toy? What about you - have you ever had a moment of connection realizing that you have something in common with a new friend? Giving children touch stones to their cultural heritage provides not only a sense of self-identify, but also a sense of belonging within a larger community. 

Family history, food and holidays are common ways to pass on culture, but language is perhaps the key to it all. Even if fluency is not a goal in your household, a little Persian goes a long way in making a deeper connection to culture, history and to one another. Imagine how reading a family recipe might feel if your child knows the names of the vegetables in Persian. Just knowing the letters of the alefba makes perusing Persian books that much more interesting. If your child ever visits Iran, simply knowing how to count in Persian could mean having the confidence to exchange currency at the market. A little Persian really does go a long way!

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