5 Reasons to Learn the Persian Alphabet

Are you Persian or learning Persian but don't know the alphabet? Here are five good reasons why you should learn it!


1. Learn the Unique Sounds of Persian Language

Persian language has sounds that are not present in the English language. Learning each letter and its sound will give you familiarity with those sounds as you listen to and learn conversational Persian. You'll be able to hear (and eventually understand) more.


2. Ensure Proper Pronunciation

Many learners find that reading transliteration or Romanization, that is, pronunciation of Persian written with the English alphabet,is an easy on ramp for learning. It can be quite useful but one problem is that there are some sounds in the Persian language that simply cannot be reproduced with the English alphabet. This makes it very difficult to truly read and understand the actual correct pronunciation. Knowing how to read the Persian alphabet, even if only to check the pronunciation of hard to pronounce words, will be of great benefit to you as a learner!


3. Build a Foundation

In many languages, the alphabet is one of the first formal language lessons given to young children. Explicitly learning the letters and sounds that they make allows one to train the ear and to better discriminate when listening - even if broad comprehension isn't happening yet. It is the building block of auditory learning and is a logical place to start to build a solid foundation in learning Persian language.


4. Gain Confidence

It can be intimidating to jump into listening to or speaking a language without any background in it. Knowing the alphabet is one of the most basic ways to gain confidence as a learner. Try learning the Persian alphabet and see how proud you feel knowing all 32 letters of the Persian alphabet. You may be motivated to learn more quickly once you have the alphabet under you belt.


5. Create Connection

Whether or not you plan to ever read Persian, it is a wise place to begin learning to further understand about the language. Even if you aren't conversational in the language yet, you can still connect with other Persian speakers by showing that you have taken the initiative to learn the basics and are on your way to learning more. It's a great way to start a connection to the language and to others who speak it.


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