All About Sizdah Bedar for Kids

What is Sizdah Bedar?

Sizdah Bedar is a day of celebration marking the end of Nowruz.


 When is Sizdah Bedar celebrated?

Sizdah Bedar is celebrated on the 13th day of Farvardin - the first month on the Iranian calendar. It marks the end of Nowruz celebrations.


What does Sizdah Bedar mean?

"Sizdah" means 13 and "Bedar" means to get rid of something. Since the number 13 is sometimes considered unlucky, this phrase refers to getting rid of the unlucky. 


How do people celebrate Sizdah Bedar?

The most common way to celebrate Sizdah Bedar is by spending the day outdoors with family and friends. Most often, people are found having a picnic in nature and generally enjoying the outdoors and the weather that the new season of spring has brought. 


How can I make this a tradition in my family?

 Having a picnic together is an easy way to celebrate but there are many other ways as well!


How else do people celebrate Sizdah Bedar?

  • Tossing the Nowruz sabzeh from their haft-sin into a body of water
  • Tying a knot in a sprout from the Nowruz sabzeh and making a wish before tossing it into the water
  • Preparing traditional foods such as ash-e doogh
  • Drinking chai or sekanjabin


How can children celebrate Sizdah Bedar?

  • Help to prepare a picnic basket
  • Partake in family events outdoors
  • Invites friends to join a picnic or play outdoors
  • Help to prepare food and drinks
  • Toss sabzeh in the river
  • Color or prepare spring crafts


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