How to Celebrate Mehregan with Kids

Mehregan is an old Persian festival that takes place each fall. Our last blog post, What is Mehregan, covered the basics of when, why and how it is celebrated. Now let's take a look at how to celebrate Mehregan with kids using some simple ideas to turn the focus to nature, gratitude and kindness and a FREE download for you to use at home. 


Mehregan with kids

 Hit the trail or a sidewalk, but get out in nature in one form or another. Take note of the changes due to the arrival of autumn and perhaps forage some fall leaves, pinecones or other items to add to a Mehregan table-spread.

Mehregan book

Mehregan with my Grandma by Anahita Tamaddon is great because the story is written in both Persian and English.


Mehregan coloring page

Try a fall related craft or download our FREE Mehregan digital download for a Mehregan coloring page.  


Mehregan fruit

Hit the grocery or farmer's market and check out fall fruits that are in season to make a fruit basket or arrangement on the table.


how to make sharbat

Sharbat is a traditional Iranian drink that can be made in a variety of ways, often times including rose water as an ingredient. Try one of these variations with your child: 

Chia, lime and honey  

Saffron and lemon 

Basil seed, lime and mint


sofreh mehregan

Setting up a table for Mehregan begins with a traditional tablecloth or sofreh, often times purple on Mehregan. The table is set with autumnal fruits, flower, symbolic items and dried nuts, fruits and seeds which are sometimes thrown in celebration. 

Check our FREE Mehregan digital download for a checklist to help guide your child while making a Mehregan themed table-spread.


Mehregan for Kids

Long ago, people would share part of their harvest with less fortunate. It is even said that the king would gift his summer clothes, replacing them with new clothes for fall. 

There is definitely a spirit of thanksgiving and giving associated with Mehregan. Use this time as an opportunity to talk to your child about charity and try to offer a chance to give charitably first hand.

Our FREE Mehregan digital download contains activities to celebrate Mehregan with children of any age. 


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